CARMEN FOZ (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English and German Studies of the University of Zaragoza, where she teaches Business English at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies and in the Master course of Translation of Specialised Texts. Her PhD thesis (1996) and subsequent works fozfocused on systemic-functional analysis of English business written texts. More recently, her research interests include the pragmatic and intercultural aspects of the discourse in international business communication as well as issues related to LSP teaching-learning methods and the use of technology in that field. She has also been active in institutionally funded projects – of national and international scope- contributing in the design and development of an online tool ( and an e-Learning platform (Languages for e-Commerce, Lafec) aimed at helping professionals in small and medium enterprises with their correspondence and web pages in English and Spanish in the context of international trade. She has also taken part in the interdisciplinary European Leonardo project Decipher, promoting awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe through a number of workshops on the business culture of different countries and producing their corresponding reports for dissemination among Aragonese SMEs.

Selection of recent publications:

Foz Gil, C. y Jaime Sisó, M. 2010. “When genre studies and ICT marry, reliable offspring is guaranteed: the case of a web-based tool for text writing”. In ICT for Language Learning, pp.: 465-71. Simonelli Editore. University Press.

Foz Gil, C. y González Pueyo, U. 2009. “Helping Spanish SMEs Staff to Develop their Competence in Writing Business Letters”. International Journal of English Studies 9.3: 43-62.

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Foz Gil, M.C. 2000. “Behavioural Mistakes: an important Reason for Communicative Failure in International Business negotiations”. En Navarro P. et al. (eds) Transcultural Communication: Pragmatic Aspects, pp. 209-218.Zaragoza: Anubal.

Foz Gil, M.C. 1999. The relevance of Thematic Choice for the Achievement of Informative or Persuasive texts in a corpus of Annual Business Reports. Michigan, Ann Arbor: UMI.

Recent participation in projects and research groups

Member of the language team within the interdisciplinary project “Decipher”
(Development and export of cultural initiatives for the promotion and harmonisation of employer-led resources).
European Commission funded: [UK/09/LLP-LDV/TOI-163_269]
Duration: 2009- 2011.
Coordinator: David Owen. Regional Language Network East. UK Trade, Investment & Development Agency. Cambridgeshire.

Member of the language team within the interdisciplinary project “Foreign Language Communication on eCommerce Websites”.
European Commission funded. [ -FIN-04-B-F-LA-160510 ]
Duration: 2004-2007.
Coordinator: Heli Simon. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

“Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas al aprendizaje del inglés en el campo de la industria en Aragón” English for Academic and Professional Purposes Established Research Group
Funded by the Regional Government of Aragón: HO-245-158
Duration: 2008-2010
Coordinator: Isabel González Pueyo

“Apoyo a la internacionalización de las PYMEs”.
English for Academic and Professional Purposes Established Research Group
Funded by by the Regional Government of Aragón: HO-245123
Duration: 2005 -2007
Coordinator: Isabel González Pueyo

“Desarrollo de la competencia discursiva de los estudiantes de IFE”. HO-245-94
English for Academic and Professional Purposes Emerging Research Group
Funded by the Regional Government of Aragón 
Duration: 2003 hasta: 2004
Coordinator: Isabel González Pueyo