Ignacio Vázquez Orta (PhD) is Full Professor in the Department of English and German Studies of the University of Zaragoza, where he teaches Applied Linguistics and Legal Translation. He has recently coordinated a research project on generic integrity in academic and professional communication though critical genre analysis and its correlation with the disciplinary cultures of different academic and professional communities and their discursive practices (2009-11). He is particularly interested in the study of the professional legal discourse. As a sworn translator, he is also interested in the translation of English legal documents into Spanish. He is currently coordinating a Master in the Translation of Specialized Texts.


Recent publications:

1. Ignacio Vázquez Orta and Diana Giner. 2012. “Contrastive Study of International Commercial Arbitration Awards and Judgments: Intertextuality through Metadiscourse in action”. In Arbitration Awards: Generic Features and Textual Realizations (Vijay Bhatia, Giuliana Garzone, Chiara Degano (eds). Cambridge Publishing Scholars. Cambridge.

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