ENRIQUE LAFUENTE MILLÁN is a senior lecturer in the Department of English and German studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in Teruel, the southernmost campus of the University of Zaragoza. He graduated in English Studies at the University of Zaragoza and began teaching  ESL and ESP courses in different faculties in his home university. For the last 9 years he has been teaching full time in areas related to TEFL at Primary School level and linguistics. He read his Master’s Dissertation in 1999 on the use of politeness strategies in research articles from different disciplines. He has published several articles in national journals and presented papers in an number of national and international conferences dealing with contrastive pragmatics and Applied Linguistics.

His present research focuses on the analysis of interpersonal resources in research articles published in international journals adopting an interdisciplinary perspective. This is also the topic of his PhD thesis which is at its final stage of elaboration at the moment.

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Conference papers and round tables

1. Lafuente, E.
Título: “Genre and vocabulary relations helping for the comprehension of EST texts”
Tipo de participación: Comunicación
Congreso: XVI Congreso AESLA 
Lugar: Universidad de La Rioja
Año: 1998.

2. Lafuente, E. 
Título: “Pragmatics and Genre: The Redress of FTAs in Scientific Articles Belonging to different Areas of Science”
Tipo de participación: Comunicación
Congreso: Susanne Hübner
Lugar: Universidad de Zaragoza
Año: 1999

3.  Lafuente, E., Lorés, R., Mur, M.P. & I. Vázquez 
Título: “The writer’s stance in Academic and Professional Discourse”
Tipo de participación: Mesa redonda
Congreso: XXIII Congreso AESLA
Lugar: Universidad de las Islas Baleares
Año: 2005

4. Lafuente, E.
Título: “Self-mention in academic writing: The presence of the writer in research articles from different academic disciplines”
Tipo de participación: Comunicación
Congreso: Cross-cultural and Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Academic Discourse
Lugar: Universidad de Turku (Finlandia)
Año: 2005

5. Lafuente, E. 
Título: “‘As a first step in our analysis, we wanted to check ...’ Functions of self-mention resources in research articles”. 
Tipo de participación: Comunicación
Congreso: XXIV Congreso AESLA
Lugar: UNED, Madrid
Año: 2006

6. Lafuente, E.
Título: “The expression of modal and semantic meaning in epistemic modality markers and approximators”
Tipo de participación: Ponencia
Congreso: Academic Voices in Contrast; PhD Workshop on Academic Discourse
Lugar: Bergen (Noruega)
Año: 2006

7. Lafuente, E., Lorés, R., Mur, M.P. & I. Vázquez
Título: “How to explore academic writing from metadiscourse as an integrated framework of interpersonal meaning: three perspectives of analysis: the intergeneric perspective”
Tipo de participación: Mesa redonda
Congreso: V Congreso AELFE
Lugar: Universidad de Zaragoza 
Año: 2006

8. Lafuente, E.
Título: “A contrastive analysis of the use of epistemic modality markers and approximators in research articles from different areas of knowledge” 
Tipo de participación: Comunicación
Congreso: Publishing and Presenting Research Internationally: Issues for Speakers of English as an Additional Language.
Lugar: Universidad de La Laguna
Año: 2007