PILAR MUR DUEÑAS (PhD) is a lecturer in the Department of English and German studies at the Faculty of Education of the University of Zaragoza (Spain), where she teaches EFL and English Methodology courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her main research interest is the intercultural analysis of written academic discourse. Her studies have mainly focused on the study of interpersonality features in research articles in the national Spanish context and in the international English-medium context of publication in the fields of Business Management and Finance. She has also analysed the publication practices of Spanish academics using English as a Lingua Franca for international communication. She has published the results of her research in international journals such as Journal of English for Academic English, Journal of Pragmatics, International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Journal of English as a Lingua Franca.


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Recent publications

Mur-Dueñas, Pilar and Jolanta Šinkūnienė. 2016. Self-reference in research articles across Europe and Asia: A review of studies. Brno Studies in English 42(1): in press. http://www.phil.muni.cz/plonedata/wkaa/BSE/Articles%20in%20Press/BSE_2016-42%281%29-XX_Mur-Duenas_-_Article_in_Print.pdf


Mur Dueñas, Pilar. 2015. Looking into ELF variants: A study of evaluative it-clauses in research articles. ESP Today 3 (2): 160-179. http://www.esptodayjournal.org/pdf/current_issue/8.12.2015/PILAR_MUR-DUENAS-full-text.pdf


Mur Dueñas, Pilar. 2014. ‘The main contribution of this study is...’: An analysis of statements of contribution in English published research articles and L2 manuscripts. Journal of Writing Research 5: 271-283. http://www.jowr.org/articles/vol5_3/JoWR_2014_vol5_nr3_Mur-Duenas.pdf


Mur Dueñas, Pilar. 2013. Mur Dueñas, Pilar. Spanish scholars’ research article publishing process in English-medium journals: English used as a lingua franca? Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 2 (2): 315-340.


Mur Dueñas, Pilar. 2012. With regard to L2 academic writing: the use of topicalisers in L1 (English and Spanish) and L2 (English) research articles”. Brno Studies in English 38 (2): 117-130. http://www.phil.muni.cz/plonedata/wkaa/BSE/BSE_2012-38-2/BSE_2012-38-2_%28117-130%29_Ch07Mur-Duenas.pdf


Mur Dueñas, Pilar. 2012. Getting research published internationally in English: An ethnographic account of a team of Finance Spanish scholars’ struggles. Ibérica 24: 139-156. http://www.aelfe.org/documents/12_24_Mur.pdf


Mur Dueñas, Pilar. 2012. A corpus-based analysis of two crucial steps in Business Management research articles: The creation of a research space and the statement of limitations. Nordic Journal of English Studies 11 (1): 55-78. http://ojs.ub.gu.se/ojs/index.php/njes/article/view/1037/905


Mur Dueñas, Pilar. 2011. An intercultural analysis of metadiscourse features in research articles written in English and in Spanish. Journal of Pragmatics 43: 3068-3079.