SERAC, the Spanish English Research Article Corpus was compiled in 2008. SERAC version 1.0 (first version of the corpus) totals 576 texts and includes texts written in English by scholars from an Anglophone context (ENG component), texts written in English by Spanish scholars (SPENG component) and texts written in Spanish by Spanish scholars (SP component). SERAC version 1.0 is also representative of the four academic divisions to further allow cross-disciplinary research: humanities and arts, social sciences and education, physical sciences and engineering, biological and health sciences. With SERAC InterLAE conducts both intercultural (English as an L1 and as an L2) and interlinguistic research (English as an L2 vs. Spanish as an L1) under the project "English and science: author’s stance in the expression and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Contrastive analysis of linguistic resources for the expression of stance in Spanish-English academic texts”.

Under the research project "Generic integrity in academic and professional communication: an analysis of genres and their correlation with the discursive practices and disciplinary cultures of professional communities”, with the aim of furthering cross-cultural and cross-linguistic studies, InterLAE improved SERAC (version 2.0) by incorporating a further set of texts, reaching a total of 1,056 texts. Under a forthcoming research project InterLAE plans to add a new component to SERAC (version 3.0) in order to approach the study of written ELF (English as a Lingua Franca).

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